Friday, June 28, 2013

It feels GOOD to be back!!

I am officially the worst blogger! This year has been quite the whirlwind, but now that I'm back in summer-mode, I'm so excited to start blogging and CRAFTING again!!! I was so sad when I started my new job at the beginning of this past school year and they told me that my room had to have a "natural feel" -- you should have seen all of the rolling eyes and skaking of heads when I started bringing in my Monday Made It's and cute rugs/pillows/lamps, etc. They made me march it all right back into my car and take it :( Then I had to go back into all of the cute files I had made for my classroom and change them to basic boring colors...ahh!

Now...I am actually moving again to another school to teach second grade, but it is with the same district (It's a district with lots of Magnet Schools), so I'm not quite sure what the rules will be about the look and feel of the room. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will allow more creativity!!

I thought you might want to see what my room looked like this year. There is some color (I tried to sneak it in as much as I could)!!

Take a Peek into my 3rd Grade Classroom:


  1. Lindsey,
    I found your blog through my friend Wendy's blog at Read With Me ABC. I was just appalled at this post! I felt the need to comment. I can't believe you were made to make your room appear more "natural". That is unbelievable! I've been through my shares of the rolling of eyes and shaking of heads (even in my 16th year of teaching), but I was never told to make my room appear more natural. We are individuals, just like the students we teach. Our colleagues and administrators need to realize that. Your room ended up looking awesome anyway, by the way. Glad you are moving to a different school. Maybe they will appreciate your enthusiasm and creativity. Your blog is very cute! Love the design and colors.
    That First Grade Blog

    1. My thoughts EXACTLY! I'm actually inspired to get into my room tomorrow instead of being lazy and working on TpT at home ;)